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  The party is met at the airport in Madrid the day before the shoot by our experienced staff who walk them through their firearms and luggage formalities at Customs.  They are driven the one hundred and twenty five miles to the Cortijo in private cars.  We also have a private landing strip one thousand five hundred and eighty nine yards long located just eighteen miles from where they will be staying for the use of our clients.

 Once the shooting party has arrived and been settled,  they will be welcomed with a gourmet dinner consisting of traditional Spanish dishes and international cuisine.

   After breakfast the next day,  the shooting party will leave in four-wheel drive vehicles at around nine in the morning.  A typical day of partridge shooting is as follows:

ojeo11.JPG (53033 bytes) The party is taken to the shooting grounds which lay anywhere from a half a mile up to fifteen miles away and set up in their shooting posts.  There are usually three drives before lunch and two afterwards.  Each drive takes place in a different area.  The line of shooters vary between five and fourteen and are positioned at the fall of a ravine at a space of fifty five yards from each other.  Every shooter is accompanied to his post by a loader and a secretary where they will await the arrival of the beaters. Forty to fifty people are involved in driving the partridges toward the line, which provides thirty to sixty minutes of fantastic shooting.

  Depending upon the shooting of the group anywhere from four hundred  to fifteen hundred partridges can be brought down in a single day. After this fast and challenging shooting, the loader and secretary run out to gather up the birds with the help of retrievers.

  A traditional Spanish snack breaks up the shooting in the morning and about midday a gourmet meal, complete with appetizers, wine and dessert, is served outside in the open country or in a large tent depending upon the wind.  At the end of the day’s shoot, the hunters return to the Cortijo or Hacienda, where the staff cleans their guns and hunting gear.